I'm Abigail and I am a burning house my writing
Q: Half your followers want inside your head by begging for your prose, the other half want to steal glimpses of your body and beg for seductive pics, all the while you are gracious and poetic in your replies, kudos madam

People don’t really ask for seductive photos of me ha but thank you!

asked by jc2withcream
Q: rinkokonoee xx

you are a perfect babydoll oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY!!!

asked by rinkokonoee
Q: acelestialnobody and DarlingTorpiness, please and thank you!

I don’t follow either of those but both seem nice!

asked by Anonymous
Q: daisykitten <3

your blog is cute and sweet like cherry pie

asked by daiisykitten
Q: sergeantinhaler ♡

I consider you a dear friend and you are super gorgeous 

asked by sergeantinhaler
Q: valerianrose <4

wow you are one pretty angel i wish to brush your hair

asked by valerianrose
Q: disquietinglullabies? Your blog is one of my favorites

thank you! I love how you like teen suicide and x-files QT

asked by disquietinglullabies
Q: hentai-girlfriend?? (I'm sorry if you got this twice, baby peach. I sent one earlier, but I'm not sure if you got it because my computer hates me. :l )

your blog reminds me of a cute baby blood clot

asked by hentai-girlfriend
i sleep on my stomach on account of my delicate wings.
Q: townofforgottenmemories :) <3

I like how your blog has a haunting feel it is nice and cute

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Q: pantryghost? your blog is ace btw...I love it xx

thank you!

your blog isnt typically my style but i really like your theme and I like how you reblogged a photo from the movie Gingersnaps!

asked by pantryghost