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Q: aesthetic ??:)

Flowers in the teeth of a fawn

asked by fairy4
Q: please, dear, an aesthetic for me?

Blood on a napkin given to you by a stranger

asked by saygoodnightnotgoodbye
Q: Hmm aesthetic?

A glow bug in the belly of a wolf

asked by xzvll


gonna be f ound floating upside down in the chlorinated swimming pool ina cheap hotel 

Lay me on the table and put flowers in my mouth then we can say that we invented a summer loving torture party
Q: Can I please get an aesthetic? (Idk if I already asked for one if I did just ignore that one)

Dead beetle

asked by this-is-what-happens
Q: ☆☆ what would my aesthetic be? ☆

Half empty beer bottles with tiny moths drowning inside.

asked by ttender
Q: what is this aesthetic thing you do? I would love to hear "mine" haha

Bone dust, and ground up butterflies.

asked by bettyemerald
Q: What is that aesthetic thing? I want one too!

a moonflower with a moth inside

asked by bitelchus
Q: I really love the aesthetics you do for people. Can you please make me one? 💕

a dove with a broken wing, fluttering over tiny white flowers.

asked by sluttyangell
Q: Could you tell me my aesthetic please? thank you

soft sunlight hitting pale flesh. A robins egg, a jar of honeycomb.

asked by alisonsarmoire
Q: You get a lot of asks for the aesthetics thing, but I just have to ask for one as well because your's are lovely ♥ ♥

an angel with its wings clipped, fawn blood covered. Wet panties draped over your frilly knee socks. All the ghosts know your name.

asked by yandere-darling