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Candy Walls / Trust

Q: Can you give me an aesthetic ¿ <3 Thank you in advance

a child’s tooth lying underneath a silk pillow

asked by sensetiveghost
Q: aesthetic pleease?

a fairy ring surrounded by fireflies 

asked by forgivethememories
Q: Might I have some of your lovely words?

A child’s broken arm, heavens light.

asked by cvltimxthy
Q: yr words are magic, would you name my aesthetic?

Snow covered animal bones, fresh flowers placed along abandoned home walls.

asked by fawnflesh
Q: if it's not too much trouble, could you please do my aesthetic? <3

a beautiful specimen suspended in jelly, glittery insect wings and peach plum lips. 

asked by feralfairy666
Q: Please may I have an aesthetic darling?

a soft lamb heart wrapped in an old silk cloth

asked by hannoir
Q: may i have an aesthetic? i know we're not mutuals, so its okay if not <33

sea anemone covered in sparkles 

asked by earthoceanstars
Q: i've done a lot of horrible things and a lot of people hate me and i'm trying to forgive myself but i'm really struggling and i'm just afraid and i can't do this anymore please what do i do

Honeypie, I understand and have gone and am still going through the same thing. Right now just breathe, in and out, I’m here to listen.

asked by Anonymous
Q: can u do my aesthetic pretty please ❤️

an abandoned house with wild strawberries growing along the side

asked by jailbaitbrat

I love you 
I’m sorry I’m always jealous whiskey texts
I’m sorry a have fists where my heart should be
please don’t leave me please ill be a good girl 

Q: Could you do my aesthetic I'm such a fan of what I just read, v beautiful darling

a blossom painted in glowing stars, heavy heart. 

asked by cheastarshine